My Mission

To promote the mindset of Independent Living by creating opportunities, encouraging choices, advancing equal access, and furthering the level of independence for all people with disabilities.

What I Do

As a teen, transitioning from home to living on your own is tough enough.  It's especially hard if you have a disability.  I assist young adults with learning the skills that they need to successfully live on their own, hold a job and integrate into the community.  



With the advent of the COVID-19 Stay-at-Home order in San Antonio our services have changed to ensur


Raeme’s Transition Services is now providing the following services:

1:1 tutoring on line specifically for children 5-22 who have disabilities. Small stipend accepted.

1:1 Money Management, conflict resolution, interview prep, outlet to each individual in the family to discuss the challenges of now being shut in.

RTS also has resources in the community for family’s immediate needs.

Proud community partner of R3 Student Youth Center.

Strong advocate for TX Grandparents raising Grandchildren.

Lifetime volunteer an sponsor of Fiesta Especial DisabilitySA

210-844-5988 Call or text anytime.

Raeme Bosquez-Greer
Raeme’s Transition Services
Ph: (210) 844-5988

Summer Camp



  • - Leadership Skills
  • - Shadowing Professionals
  • - Engage w/ Residents
  • - Conflict Resolution
  • - Adaptability
  • - Meaningful Relationships
  • - Employment Skill
  • - Character Building
  • - Self Advocacy
  • - Communication

Where: Poet's Walk Memory Care

5438 Presidio Parkway

San Antonio, TX. 78249

$40 per day

All Ages & Abilities Welcome

Click on the link below to register or download the PDF registration form.

Sunday Funday

Don't want to do a full camp. Join us on Sunday's at Poet's Walk

On Sunday's from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM our friends at Poet's Walk will be hosting Raeme's Transition Services.  Come learn work skills while forging new relationships and having l


Little Medical School - San Antonio & Laredo

 Raeme's Transition Services is partnering with Little Medical School to raise the interest of our youth in the medical fields.  Contact me for information about these one of a kind camps.  

Click the image to learn more!


Press Release




Contact: Feldscher Horwitz Public Relations, 215-627-0801

Hope Horwitz: ext. 102, cell: 215-760-2884, 

Sharla Feldscher: ext. 101, cell: 215-285-4868,


San Antonio, TX (January 31, 2019) — Special Needs teenagers and young adults are getting much needed job training at Poet’s Walk San Antonio. They come weekly to the all memory care assisted living to learn while working with the senior residents at Poet’s Walk. The kids work directly with the residents during many of the recreational activities. They also learn skills in the kitchen including serving, setting the table and prepping food. In housekeeping, they are learning what’s needed to keep the community clean and safe. The experience is rewarding for everyone involved. The residents are happier when they’re here, and the kids are not only learning job skills, they’re building relationships. 

“I think it’s a win win situation for the students, young adults and residents,” said Donna Mazon, Director of Resident Engagement at Poet’s Walk San Antonio who coordinates this relationship. “When the students aren’t here, the residents ask where they are. When they are interacting, just to see the gentleness that they show the residents and the natural smiles that appear on both the residents and students is wonderful.” Wendy Jo Martin, Executive Director at Poet’s Walk San Antonio, continues, “They bring a sense of youth to the community when they are here. They needed a place to learn skills to become employed and what better place to be than with people who care and serve. Sometimes they’re so good they get hired!”

Transitional Services is the organization that works with Poet’s Walk San Antonio for this specialized training. Raeme Bosquez-Greer, Transitions Specialist, has been working for 20 years helping people with various special needs learn skills to get jobs, transition into their own home and more. Bosquez-Greer has been bringing kids to Poet’s Walk for the last two years. There are typically between 11 and 15 kids volunteering in maintenance, housekeeping, the dining room, with the concierge and with activities. “The kids we help have all different special needs, but most are neurological differences,” Bosquez-Greer said. “These kids get bullied and broken from school but at Poet’s Walk, it’s filled with love. It’s a magical experience. I’ve seen kids who have a stutter stop stuttering when they’re with someone who has dementia. Their worries go away when they’re taking care of these people. It doesn’t matter what they’re doing – giving a manicure, moving furniture, serving lunch. All of it is wonderful to watch but to see some of these kids shine and excel and gain employment with Poet’s Walk is amazing.”

Nick, 19, was hired to work in the kitchen after volunteering. He works on an as needed basis as a server or Dietary Captain. Chef Danny Gomez, Director of Dining at Poet’s Walk San Antonio, noticed Nick right away. “A lot of kids want to volunteer in the kitchen and Nick just plain stood out. He does a great job,” said Gomez. Gomez has a lot of experience working with special needs people, so this was a natural fit for him. “My mom was a special needs teacher, so I’ve always known how to work with kids with special needs. I start with a simple task for them like decorating a cake or bagging some items. Then as I get to know someone, I give them a new role – make a salad or a sandwich, set the table or help put together presentations,” he said. “One of the kids went on to win an award for volunteering and fundraising. In his acceptance speech he mentioned that his time at Poet’s Walk and working with me gave him a great outlook. We gave him the stepping stool he needed to move on to bigger and better and there’s nothing better than that.”

Alfredo “Freddie” Lopez, Director of Housekeeping and Environmental Services at Poet’s Walk San Antonio also hired someone to do light housekeeping after he volunteered through Transitional Services. “I immediately noticed how attentive Gabriel is and how much he wanted to do his job right,” said Lopez. “I guided him at first but now he works on his own. It’s been going really well.” 

“One of the hospices hired one of the kids, Kameron, to come here every day and act as a companion,” said Martin. “He stays in communal space and helps the residents feel better. We’ll see him walking arm in arm with one of the ladies who needs a reason to smile. Or if someone is frustrated, he can get them to smile.” She continued,  “These kids bring joy to our community. Everyone who comes is happy and that’s the best kind of contagious there is. When someone gets a job, we always have a celebration for them, even if it means they’ll be moving on from Poet’s Walk. We love having them here with us; it’s a super arrangement.”

About Poet’s Walk San Antonio:

Poet’s Walk San Antonio provides memory care with the finest amenities and is located at 5438 Presidio Parkway in San Antonio, TX 78249. For more information, visit or call 210-920-7721.

About Spring Hills Senior Communities & Memory Care Communities:

All Spring Hills Senior Communities’, Home Care Services, Assisted Living Communities and Poet’s Walk Memory Care Communities offer a distinctive and innovative approach to home care services, assisted living, and Alzheimer’s care as led by Alexander Markowits, President/CEO. Signature Touches is the company’s holistic approach to offering individualized care and services that are designed to meet the needs and preferences of residents and clients. Personal choice is top priority in one of the company’s Spring Hills assisted living communities or in client’s homes with Spring Hills home care services located in NJ, VA, OH, FL and NV, or in one of the company’s Poet’s Walk memory care communities located in in TX, VA and NV as well as soon-to-be FL. For more information about their Caring with a Commitment to Quality dedication to senior living, visit or

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